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Custom Rubber Molding

Some applications require high-precision solutions. When existing production parts aren’t up to the job, Utex can design custom molded rubber products that exactly match your needs. With the ability to design and fabricate highly engineered molds to fit almost any application, our engineering team can transform an abstract request into a finished product tailored to your specifications.

For the past 70 years, we’ve been collaborating closely with our customers to interpret their ideas into a broad range of cost-effective rubber molding solutions—from simple I.D./O.D. rings to complex geometric profiles. Our custom rubber molding process has produced more than 5,000 unique parts that are now used in industries such as oilfield, petrochemical, medical, pulp and paper, and ammunition facilities.

When you need a custom rubber molding solution, Utex offers:

Extensive prototyping. Our prototyping capabilities allow you to try various compounds and designs to optimize performance. For example, our in-house fabric coating facility allows you to experiment with fabric reinforcement for added strength.

In-house mold construction. Utex has VTL lathes, CNC machines, and wire EDM as well as a full complement of designers available to create and construct molds. Your custom design is created in house, reducing lead time from paper to product.

Strict chemical formulation. Our chemists and engineers compound each batch of rubber to exacting standards developed with your requirements in mind, including tolerances specific to your required operating conditions and constraints.

Flexible production techniques. Utex utilizes a wide range of production techniques to meet your needs, both present and future. Elastomeric parts can be injection molded, transfer molded, or compression molded, depending on materials and configuration.

Meticulous quality control. With ongoing SPC and Quality Assurance Programs, as well as our Safety and Pollution Protection Equipment (SPPE) Program, we ensure quality parts from start to finish.

Cost-effective solutions. In today’s cost-conscious markets, molding rubber to fit your need allows you the freedom to address your specifications with high-precision solutions while maintaining autonomy, quality and low costs.

Our ability to bond rubber to metal and proprietary process utilizing rubber & fabric reinforcement provide an industry leading solution. Download our checklist to learn more about the Utex custom rubber molding process.

Custom rubber molding

We Utilized

Quick Change Molds

Quick Change Molds

Using quick change molds, Utex has drastically reduced setup times per part. Typically, molds must be secured to upper and lower platens in a time consuming routine. Through instituting a quick change setup, molds can be set up, cleaned, or removed more easily, resulting in faster cycle time and lower production costs.

We Created

Large OD

Large OD

Utex creates custom products with large diameters that require molds with dimensions up to six feet across.

Modular Front Seal Injection Mold

Modular Front Seal Injection Mold

Utex has the ability to design molds with modular components in order to manufacture several different parts while utilizing a single mold. By changing the inserts in the front seal mold, Utex pressmen can produce parts for different pipe sizes. If a mold gets damaged, that section can be removed and replaced without disrupting production.

We Accomplished

Case Study

Rapid Development BOP During the Deepwater Horizon Disaster, Utex was tasked with rapidly developing a blowout preventer to deploy on the severed pipe. From commissioning to shipment, Utex was able to produce a part from scratch in three weeks, a task that normally takes two months.

We specialize in Custom Sealing Solutions

By utilizing Utex’s extensive capabilities, we can provide a complete solution to your challenge