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Custom Urethane Molding

Industrial components often take a heavy beating. Extreme environmental conditions, intense pressure and long operating hours leave little room for error. When you need a precise, complex and durable sealing solution, custom urethane molding is a smart choice for many applications.

Urethane’s incredible durability and rebound abilities allow Utex engineers to design geometrically intricate parts that can withstand harsh dynamics. By mixing the polymer in liquid form and pouring it into custom-made aluminum molds, we can design custom sealing solutions to fit almost any application. Advantages of custom urethane molding include:

Outstanding properties. Urethane’s superior wear characteristics are ideal for even the most rugged applications. It’s lightweight, self-healing, and resistant to chemicals, cuts, abrasion, aging, and extreme temperatures. It can also be formulated to possess specific properties based on your unique needs.

 Seamless interaction. By casting urethane to your specifications, we can create custom interfaces that interact seamlessly with existing housings. This minimizes wear and tear, prevents downtime and helps enhance machine performance out on the floor.

Easy self-bonding. Urethane’s unique ability to bond with itself allows us to create complex shapes through a multi-step molding process. It can also be molded and bonded to a wide variety of substrates.

Flexible design. The adaptability of urethane makes it suitable for a wide variety of sizes and applications, depending on your needs. We can fabricate parts as small as a golf ball or as large as a desk for industries such as oil and gas, military, medical and aerospace.

We develop all of our custom sealing solutions using an in-house fabrication process, allowing a constant flow of communication between designers and machinists as they work on formulating simple solutions to complex problems. This enables us to easily address changes late in the prototyping stage.

With state-of-the-art urethane mixers, high flow computerized equipment and a full-service machine shop, we’re able to prevent defects and deliver quality custom sealing solutions on time. Our talented fabrication team can tackle almost any geometry, crafting non-standard shapes using a combination of creative filling techniques and cutting-edge machining practices such as:

Wire EDM. Our electrical discharge machining process uses wire to cut through thick sections of metal, rapidly shaping blocks of aluminum into custom molds. This allows us to significantly speed up prototyping times while saving on material costs.

3D modeling CAD. Instead of drafting our designs manually, computer-aided design allows us to automate the process using the precision of computer technology. With photorealistic renderings of our design concept, we’re able to simulate how our custom sealing solutions will perform on the job.

CNC machining. Combining CAD with computer numerical control automates the process further by enabling precise control over the machining of custom parts. Lathes, mills and grinders can all be carefully controlled with CNC machining, resulting in a high-quality finished product every time.

Our state of the art urethane mixers, high flow computerized equipment and full service machine shop help us avoid defects and ensure on-time delivery. Learn more about the urethane molding process in our checklist below.

We Utilized

Wire EDM

Wire EDM

Using wire EDM, Utex has reduced the time required to machine molds. To create an aluminum mold, normally blocks of aluminum must be machined by an end mill in a time consuming process that removes material in small increments. Wire EDM can cut through thick sections of metal quickly, allowing the end mill to finish the fine work after. This has resulted in faster prototyping times and saved material costs.

We Created

Bend Restrictor

Bend Restrictor

Products can be molded with large dimensions. Molds can require almost eight gallons of material to furnish a complete part.

Bonded Pistons

Bonded Pistons

Utex utilizes modular mold construction to create multiple part sizes that satisfy customer requirements and accurately create critical surface features.

We Accomplished

Case Study

Red Liner Responsiveness A red liner mold was created from approximate dimensions at the design stage. The client field tested parts to find the correct geometry. Through three iterations, the mold was able to be adjusted quickly until the correct geometry was acquired. Each cycle was guided by field analysis, resulting in a successful part that has been in service since 2011.

We specialize in Custom Sealing Solutions

By utilizing Utex’s extensive capabilities, we can provide a complete solution to your challenge