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Fluid End Expendables

Well Services encompasses many aspects of an oil or gas well drilling and production. Utex is proud to be a one stop shop for this industry with the ability to offer training, engineering, manufacturing and supply of fluid end expendables and tools. With over 75 years of experience, Utex is able to teach field personnel how to properly service and maintain fluid ends to extend life and maximum performance in high pressure pump applications.

Utex’s Fluid End Expendables include:

Utex’s XLFE™ X-Tended Life Fluid Ends include:

  • UT-600 HP Triplex, 6″ Stroke, 9″ Centers
  • UT-1000 HP Quintuplex, 6″ Stroke, 9″ Centers
  • UT-2250 HP Triplex, 8″ Stroke, 12″ Centers
  • UT-2500 HP Qunituplex, 8″ Stroke, 10″ Centers
  • UT-2500 Y Block HP Quintuplex, 60″ Y Block, 8″ Stroke, 12″ Centers
  • UT-2250XL HP Triplex, 8″ Stroke, 12″ Centers
  • UT-2500XL HP Quintuplex, 8″ Stroke, 10″ and 12″ Centers

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Utex sales team are easily deployable to a drilling/frac site to teach field personnel proper installation that will extend the life of the fluid ends or expendables being installed.  A well trained worker can ­save thousands in minimizing down time and reducing premature failure as well as increasing the readiness of the frac fleet.  By being on site, Utex can provide analysis of current operation and solutions to chronic issues. Utex is eager to put boots on the ground in the name of increased production.

View Our Infographic to the right or download here to learn how Fluid End Expendables provide solutions to your challenges!

For increased service life, reduction in downtime, and increased profitability, Utex proudly recommends SuperGold® Extreme Service Products combined with the XLH® X-Tended Life Header Ring.

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We Utilized


Pony rod separator

For years, the use of sledge hammers and slide hammers to separate plungers from pony rods.  This practice has led to damaged plungers and personal injuries. The Utex pony rod separator eases separation between the plunger and pony rod without damaging or raising any burs on the plunger.  This ensures that new packing installation goes smoothly and the installation of used metal goods does not damage the new expendables.

We Created

Packing Sets

Packing Sets

Utex’s Well Service Products are the epitome of “Value Added”.  Well service packing manufactured by Utex lasts ten to twelve times longer due to the Patented XLH® Header Ring (Pat. 9,534,691) and the use of the SuperGold® Pressure Ring.

Frac Valves and Seats

Frac Valves and Seats

Utex has once again produced another quality product for the Well Service Industry with proprietary materials and processing, setting a new standard of unsurpassed service life, reducing down time, and increasing profitability.

We Accomplished

Case Study

The formerly standard practice of swinging a metal hammer into a precisely machined metal plunger was a poor method for installing pump plungers, causing countless damages over years. To ensure that newly seated packing is not damaged, Utex designed a plunger installation tool to push a plunger past the initial interference the header ring creates on the outside diameter of the plunger. Utex’s plunger installer tool ensures no damage is done to packing and reduces plunger maintenance by ensuring proper alignment.

We specialize in Custom Sealing Solutions

By utilizing Utex’s extensive capabilities, we can provide a complete solution to your challenge