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High Performance Polymeric Seals

High performance polymer s­­eals operate in a wide range of static and dynamic applications covering a wide range of environmental conditions. These materials offer greater chemical compatibility over standard elastomers with a temperature range from cryogenic to +650°F.  U-cup designs can handle pressures from extreme vacuum up to 30,000 psi.

High performance seals are commonly used in aerospace, oil/gas, medical, and military applications where reliability in extreme conditions is imperative. High performance seals are primarily comprised of a polymer jacket with an internal spring energizer. This outer component is chosen based on each unique application from a large stable of materials including PTFE, PEEK, and UHMW-PE, as well as other “next generation” polymers.

The Utex engineering team balances wear, temperature, chemical resistance, and cost when optimizing seal performance. Solutions to most high performance applications can be created. Between several common seal jacket materials and three spring types, Utex boasts a vast portfolio of resources at its disposal. Utex has the ability to maximize seal efficiency by assembling the best combination of sealing capability and energizing that works best for the customer’s needs.


Our High Pressure / High Temperature revolutionary Spring Energized Seal designs and polymer components have the largest array of materials and spring designs in the industry.

We Utilized

Spring winding machine

Spring winding machine

Utex has the ability to wind its own springs using an on-site spring winder. This allows Utex to custom design springs or prototype quickly to the customer’s exact dimensions without being at the mercy of outside vendor lead times.

We Created

Dynamic Advanced Offset-Coil Applications

Dynamic Advanced Offset-Coil Applications

Advanced Offset-coil seals (ACS) are ideal for dynamic applications where low friction and extended seal life are desired.  ACS springs produce relatively constant force over a wide range of working deflection, which permit low friction and large wear to achieve a long seal life.



Utex offers proprietary compounds for optimum performance in HPLC and UHPLC applications with outstanding wear and chemical compatibility properties.  The ACS seals can operate in ultra-high pressures up to 21,800 psi [150 MPa].

We Accomplished

Case Study

Anti-blowout seal

A customer required sealing of a piston that was dynamically pulled from a bore under pressure. A linear actuator would fully retract beyond the pressure energized seal and needed to stab seal again without losing pressure. A standard seal wall would blow out and bend under such circumstances. Utex engineers crafted a unique seal stack design. The seal allowed the actuator to retract but the seal wall caught on the retainer ring before expanding too far. Through special retainer rings and sealing edge geometry, the application was a success.

We specialize in Custom Sealing Solutions

By utilizing Utex’s extensive capabilities, we can provide a complete solution to your challenge