Bonded Materials

Bonded materials encompass a wide range of products. Rubber can be bonded to metal, plastics, and fabrics through adhesives and surface prep. Urethane can bond to most materials, including itself. Dual material applications are complex but allow the product to have dynamic sealing properties while maintaining strength.

A single part made of different materials has many advantages. A product can be dynamically flexible or rigidly solid as needed. Bonding as a manufacturing technique allows for more complex geometries that would not be possible or plausible without high cost. The characteristics of a product utilizing bonded materials are highly engineered. Higher wear areas can be reinforced while maintaining conform-ability. Bonded materials are used in a variety of applications such as dampeners, rollers, and seals.

To truly bond two materials together, heat and pressure allow an adhesive to chemically bond the substrate to the vulcanizing rubber or curing urethane. While this is simple in theory, the logistics of success are far from it. In our preparation, we must be sure the surface of bonded material is lightly abraded, clean, and chemically primed. Knowing which adhesive will work is a careful science due to the chemistry of the elastomer, materials being bonded, and the use of the final product. If bonded correctly, the bond interface will be stronger than the materials themselves.

Our ability to bond rubber to metal and proprietary process utilizing rubber & fabric reinforcement provide an industry leading solution.

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Bonding Rubber to Metal

Bonding Rubber to Metal

Utex is a leader in bonding rubber to metal because of the care given to metal surface preparation, material selection, and mold design. These issues are addressed carefully on each application. Once the molding is complete, the Utex quality assurance team scrutinizes parts. When inspecting a part, they maintain stringent standards for declaring an acceptable level of bonding.

We Created

Street sweeper brushes

Street sweeper brushes

Utex bonds hard rubber onto three feet in diameter street sweeper impellers allowing the brush to scrape the asphalt without damaging it. High durometer means the rubber will wear more slowly.

Pallet jack wheels

Pallet jack wheels

Pallet jack wheels are composed of urethane hoops with a steel hub. The steel gives wheels a rigid form while the urethane allows the wheels to grip and not damage the floor

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Case Study

Perfluoroelastomer Bonding In 2007, Utex worked worth company X to develop a bonding system for bonding perfluoroelastomer to steel. “Perfluoro” is extremely difficult to bond because it is specifically designed to be chemically resistant. By finding the right chemistry of perfluoro and adhesive selection, Utex was able to successfully bond

We specialize in Custom Sealing Solutions

By utilizing Utex’s extensive capabilities, we can provide a complete solution to your challenge