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Fabric reinforced materials are parts with fabric coated rubber features. These features can be as minimal as a covering on a corner or compose the complete body of the part. Fabric reinforcement provides longevity and durability to parts that homogeneous construction cannot.

Adding fabric reinforcement to products expands the operating life without the drastic increases the cost associated with of high performance materials. Anti-extrusion provided by fabric can complement or take the place of secondary rings in sealing applications. This method enhances rubber’s ability to conform to geometries while enduring tough environments. SSF design pressure ring uses fabric wrapped parts for an innovative solution to the standard service life problem. Fabric wrapped parts see less tearing, nibbling, and wear than similar homogenous products.

The process of friction coating rubber onto fabric and applying that to molded parts is complicated. It is a proprietary process that Utex has perfected. Fabric reinforced material can use cloth as elastic as polyester or as resilient as aramid. Utex can wrap parts axially, helically, radially.

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Seals can be protected against extrusion by reinforcing corners. With fabric across the e-gap, the surface area of the seal cannot increase to push through. Fabric can act similarly to springs by preventing rubber from extruding into gaps when under pressure but can do so at a much lower price.

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“SF” Design Chevron Packing rings

“SF” Design Chevron Packing rings

Few companies in the world have the technology and experience to make can laminate fabric/rubber composites. Utex developed this proprietary technology in the 1940’s. Fabric rings wear more uniformly and last many times longer in reciprocating, centrifugal, and static applications in high and low pressure environment.

Piston Cup

Piston Cup

Utex piston cups are molded out of rubber coated fabric to increase wear resistance and strength. Cups can survive more strenuous conditions like longer lives and greater rates because fabric wears much more slowly. A plastic part molded for similar wear would have a much higher cost.

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Fabric wrapped D Seals

Homogeneous D seals are the industry standard for sealing suction and discharge covers. Utex has introduced fabric wrapped D seals that extend part life by reducing extrusion and fretting as well as reducing the metal wear in the seal bores. Field studies show these fabric wrapped seals last 4 times longer than the traditional homogeneous rubber seals.

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