Plastics encompass a wide range of mold-able thermoplastic polymers. These materials, with their bevy of desirable thermal and mechanical properties, can be used for a range of applications including petrochemical, aerospace, and medical.

The characteristics of plastics can be engineered to increase strength or decrease friction. Utex offers highly engineered plastics that, compared to conventional materials, are in a league of their own. Plastics have lower friction, greater chemical compatibility than most metal alloys, and a larger temperature range than standard elastomers. PEEK and polyimide can provide incredible strength to weight ratios. Plastics are very easy to lathe cut or mill and can be precision machined. Combining these characteristics with the manufacture ability of the material makes plastic a very useful tool in finding the best engineering solution possible.

Plastics are compounded and processed for optimum sealing performance in a wide variety of sealing environments. Selection of materials can be based on applications. High temperature resistance and proven chemical resistance, important to petrochemical, makes PEEK a great choice. Applications concerned with low friction, such as sealing about a low torque shaft, could benefit from PTFE. While the pure polymers have inherent performance characteristics, these materials can be enhanced through the addition of many different fillers such as glass, carbon, graphite, and molybdenum disulfide.

Our High Pressure / High Temperature revolutionary Spring Energized Seal designs and polymer components have the largest array of materials and spring designs in the industry.

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PEEK Springs

PEEK Springs

Utex now has the ability to have PEEK springs in some applications instead of stainless steel. PEEK can reduce the wear and damage that occurs in dynamic applications and increasing the life of the seal. This increased lifespan reduces down time, adding value to any process.

We Created

Black Mamba Seal Stack

Black Mamba Seal Stack

Utilizing Utex’s black mamba energizer, seal stacks comprised of PTFE V-rings can stay energized to maintain good seal contact throughout multiple series of temperature and pressure cycling whereas standard seal stacks will take a set and loose energization. Black mamba seal sets are mostly used for sliding sleeve applications or as an alternative to a bonded seal.

Deep-Draw Backup Rings

Deep-Draw Backup Rings

When an application requires a backup ring capable of large burping pressure spike, e-gap must span a distance beyond what the standard 45 degree draw can accomplish. Utex is one of the first companies to offer a deep draw backup ring. Utex machines backup rings from PEEK, glass filled PEEK, carbon filled PEEK, and many other materials for sealing over precise and wide gaps.

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Case Study

Frac-Tex High Pressure Frac Ball Utex is able to produce composite frac balls that can be used in a wide range of fluids. These products are capable of landing on seat without damage at pressures of 10 ksi on six inch diameter balls and up to 15 ksi on smaller two inch units. Utex composite frac balls are machined using high grade materials and are held to strict quality control standards that diffuse many of the problems that arise with poorly manufactured frac balls. Utex provides its clients the flexibility to adapt to different well conditions by offering the composite line of frac balls in a number of variations. Such capabilities include custom size balls, resin systems, and fill materials.

We specialize in Custom Sealing Solutions

By utilizing Utex’s extensive capabilities, we can provide a complete solution to your challenge