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Core-X® Plungers & Pony Rods

Pumping fluid and cement is a high-pressure job. Abrasion and corrosion are constant threats to the plungers and pony rods that handle much of the heavy lifting.

How do leading drilling and production facilities minimize their risks while maximizing profits? By using top-of-the-line fluid end expendables.

Core-X® plungers and pony rods are the superheroes of high-pressure fluid and cement pumping. Built to withstand harsh industrial demands and rugged environments, Core-X® pony rods and plungers offer:


Superior wear resistance

When it comes to high-pressure fluid and cement pumps, abrasion resistance is everything. In test after independent test, our plungers consistently outperform market-leading competitors by massive margins. A thermal spray process hard-faces these fluid sealing products with a nickel-chromium alloy, creating an impenetrable surface that shrugs off wear from abrasion and corrosion. We can also customize surface conditions to meet your application’s specific needs.


Tremendous cost savings

Core-X® plungers and pony rods save your operation money on all fronts. Competitively priced to begin with, their significantly longer life span means fewer replacements, less maintenance and minimal downtime. Equipment failure in the oil and gas industry can be disastrous. Why risk your machinery with anything less than the best fluid sealing products?


Incredible material properties

Our plunger pump parts don’t just meet OEM specs—they’re designed to exceed them. So it’s no surprise that these components surpass their competitors in virtually all meaningful material properties, from hardness to tensile strength. Check out the comparison chart below to see for yourself why Core-X® plungers outclass the competition every time.


Core-X® substrate mechanical properties

Property Core-X® Competitive standard
Tensile strength (psi/ksi) 65,000 58,000
Yield strength (psi/ksi) 45,000 31,900
Elongation (% in 2”) 12% 25%
Avg. hardness (BHN) 180 116
Weight reduction 92% 100%


Certified Core-X® quality

The engineers at Utex are constantly working to develop fluid sealing solutions that last longer, perform better and save you money. Harsh conditions require exquisitely engineered solutions. Our custom rubber molding materials are among the best in the industry.


Custom specs and sizes

Whatever your application, we can build a fluid sealing product for the job. If the standard specs and sizes (3” and 6”) don’t work for you, we can provide custom fluid end expendables designed to OEM specifications—regardless of who your manufacturer is or what clamping style your operator uses.


Core-X® specs at a glance

  • Metallurgical bonding
  • Superior wear resistance
  • Harder working surface
  • Surface finish (far below 16 RMS)
  • Standard specifications and sizes between 3″ and 6″
  • Custom sizes and specifications available
  • Certified Core-X® quality
  • Exceeds material properties of competitive products

We specialize in Custom Sealing Solutions

By utilizing Utex’s extensive capabilities, we can provide a complete solution to your challenge