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Core-X® Suction Manifolds

Optimized for Cost-Saving Flow Dynamics 

High-quality fracturing demands precision. Without careful control over flow and pressure, the abrasive and acidic slurries used to bore through rocks can destroy the fluid end, costing a fortune in repairs and down time. The suction manifold plays a key role in delivering an even flow and ample pressure to the fluid end.

Core-X® Suction Manifolds are custom engineered for optimal flow dynamics to help increase production volumes while ensuring high-quality fracturing. Their consistent flow and pressure relieve stress from fluid end expendables while combating the harsh degenerative effects of common fracturing slurries.


Equalized pressure and flow

Insufficient pressure at the fluid end causes cavitation—and the resulting vibrations can damage frac pump parts. The Core-X® Suction Manifold’s two-piece design significantly reduces cavitation by enabling the unit to mitigate pumping fluctuations, equalizing pressure and flow to all suction valves and minimizing acceleration head loss in the fluid end. With an internal core and external reservoir configured to meticulously regulate flow dynamics and direction, the unit ensures even flow and pressure while protecting the fluid end from destructive residual vibrations.


Uniform proppant suspension                               

To direct the slurry into fractures within the wellbore, you need an even distribution of abrasive proppant throughout the fracturing fluid. Core-X® Suction Manifolds are geometrically designed with increased operating ranges—at either low pressure or high flow—to keep proppants in homogenous suspension. The resulting mixture’s uniform consistency ensures high-quality fracturing and increases the operation’s overall production.


Wear-resistant design 

To withstand prolonged contact with abrasive and acidic slurries, the Core-X® Suction Manifold features an internal core insert coated with hard facing applications for maximum protection. Its weld inlay of complex carbides with niobium, fused in an interlocking matrix, safeguard the unit against wear and tear. Each suction manifold is custom engineered to support all pump, rig, or well-specific applications and is available in either a right- or left-hand mounting configuration.


Lower operational costs

Core-X® Suction Manifolds minimize maintenance cycles by extending the operating life of pumps, fluid ends, and fluid end expendables. With less down time and fewer capital purchases required to replace frac pump parts, Core-X® engineered technologies significantly reduce the total cost of operations.


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