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Frac Valves


Valves and seats are a vital part of any pumping operation. Introduced as an extension of current custom solutions, valves and seats add value through their superior longevity as part of a pumping system. The seat design has been optimized to be paired with Utex’s frac valve through material choice and geometry.

The groundbreaking frac valves and seats utilize unique, proprietary X-Tended Life Urethane (XLU) and metallurgy that is superior to anything else in the market place. XLU material improves longevity compared to competitor’s compounds and is highly abrasive resistant. Metal components go through a pre-treatment process to insure 100% urethane to metal bond that eliminates leakage and urethane separation from the valve during use. Utex proprietary materials prevent metal erosion and volume loss in normal use.

The life of a Utex frac valve can be extended through pairing with a Utex seat. The profile and sealing surfaces of the components have been optimized to be used with its Utex mate. When used with a competitor’s part, longevity can be compromised by an inferior material or poorly designed structure.

While advancing the technology and design of frac valves, Utex valves and seats maintain compatibility with industry standards. Components can be used in all common pumps and are equipped with a super friendly groove on the top plate to ease installation. Additionally Utex offers accessory tools to make installation as hassle free as possible. Frac valves and seats are currently available in several different  sizes. Utex is happy to explore custom solutions to meet all of its customers’ needs through better materials, design, manufacturing, and service. For more information on sizes or need a custom part, reach out to one of our sales representatives today! Download our checklist as a quick reference.Frac Valve Checklist

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