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SuperGold® Packing

SuperGold® Packing

The Gold Standard of High Performance Well Stimulation Packing

Extreme problems demand extreme solutions. In environments where abrasive and corrosive liquids are the rule, not the exception, well service applications demand incredible performance from plunger packing. Most products on the market buckle under the pressure, eroding profits with premature failures and unwarranted downtime.

Despite multiple attempts to emulate our unique manufacturing process, SuperGold® remains untouchable. Don’t be taken in by any of these “fools gold” knockoffs. Only Utex plunger packing solutions offer SuperGold’s® demonstrated superiority, beating out all PTFE products and competitor imitations.

Extreme resistance

In extreme environments, SuperGold® custom pressure rings outstrip all other well service packing products. We manufacture our plunger packing from aramid, an exceptionally strong and heat-resistant fabric used for body armor. It’s tough enough to withstand harsh proppant abrasives while providing chemical resistance up to 18% hydrochloric acid.

Self-mending design

When most pressure rings develop a leak, the damage is permanent and eventually leads to catastrophic failure. Unlike PTFE, our unique fabric design possesses a self-mending ability that can overcome leak paths and drastically extend the packing product’s operating life.

Custom fabric reinforcement

SuperGold’s® extreme endurance isn’t limited to pressure rings for the well service industry. Any Utex molded products with fabric reinforcement can utilize the SuperGold® material for unrivaled resilience.

X-tended Life Header Ring with Utex SuperGold® packing

For maximum service life (and profitability), pair our SuperGold® Extreme Service Products with our patented XLH® X-Tended Life Header Ring. Together, these groundbreaking well service industry plunger packing solutions set the new gold standard for high-performance packing.

We specialize in Custom Sealing Solutions

By utilizing Utex’s extensive capabilities, we can provide a complete solution to your challenge