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XLH® Header Ring

2017 Utex Patented XLH Header Ring-01

The Gold Standard of High Performance Well Stimulation Packing


In a complex pumping operation, even a single faulty header ring can drain your profits. Debris doesn’t get wiped away, putting the entire fluid cylinder at risk from abrasion. Lost volume throws off the packing adjustment, cutting the packing assembly life tragically short. All of this adds up to more equipment failures, more maintenance and more downtime.

The XLH® X-tended Life Header Ring is the first sealing solution engineered to ensure the longest packing assembly and fluid cylinder life possible. The only patented fabric reinforced header ring on the market, the XLH® header ring seals up common profit leaks by lowering maintenance costs and reducing downtime—making it the new gold standard for high-performance packing. 

Minimal wear

Our fabric reinforced header ring resists nibbling, while its superior wiping abilities keep pressure rings clear of debris and reduce the washboard effect of loose packing. Fluid end expendables last significantly longer with enhanced resistance to:

  • Abrasion
  • Extrusion
  • Explosive decompression


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High-performance packing

The XLH® header ring acts as a spring energizer for the entire packing assembly. Its patented design outclasses the competition every time, achieving exceptional performance in levels of 18% HCl.


Longer packing life

With less volume loss, the spring force stays intact so it’s easier to maintain the proper packing adjustment. Packing assemblies last 6 to 10 times longer with an XLH® header ring. When paired with our SuperGold pressure ring, it can extend the life of well service packing by up to 12 times.


Rugged design for multiple applications

Our patented header ring is built to handle some of the toughest jobs in the fluid sealing industry, including:

  • Fracturing with high rate 100 mesh sand and ceramic proppant
  • Co2
  • Cementing
  • Hydrocarbon-based fluids

And more!


We specialize in Custom Sealing Solutions

By utilizing Utex’s extensive capabilities, we can provide a complete solution to your challenge