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Utex Asia facility equipmentThe most rugged applications demand high performance under rough operating conditions. When you need a part with excellent rebound and insulating abilities, Utex high-precision rubber molding solutions are often the answer.

The hyper-elasticity of molded rubber makes it ideal for sealing, cushioning and dampening applications—especially sealing and shock absorption. Utex can extrude or mold this versatile elastomeric polymer into a variety of shapes to meet a broad range of operational specifications. Our rubber molding products are designed to stretch, compress, and rebound while insulating against mechanical, thermal, and electrical shocks.

Utex engineers design rubber molding solutions for a variety of industries, including oilfield, petrochemical, medical, pulp and paper, and ammunition facilities. Our engineers use state-of-the-art equipment to create high-precision solutions for almost any application—all on a quick turnaround.



Computer-controlled presses. Our stand-alone, computer-controlled, electric heat presses do the work of 11 individual presses. We have:

  • 72” x 72” x 48” 2400 Ton Ram (Top Down) with roll out platens—1 press
  • 36” x 36” x 30” ram 790 ton Double Decker Clam Shell Style designed for high-volume output—1 press
  • 30” x 30” x 24” Ram 600 Ton (Dual Station)—2 presses
  • 24” x 24” x 12” Ram 150 Ton (Dual Station)—2 presses


Cutting-edge lab. Our chemists and engineers compound each batch of rubber to exacting standards, then rigorously test it using:

Utex Asia rheometer


  • Rheometer
  • Tensile tester
  • Aging oven
  • Dispersion grader
  • Lab mill
  • Lab press



Rubber preparation. Once the compounding process is complete, we prep the rubber for the next phase of the process using:


  • 60” mill
  • 3-1/2” cold feed extruder
  • 55l side dump kneader
  • Aristomat Performer
  • 12” x 39” 3-roll calendar


Metal preparation. Our metal preparation equipment includes:


  • Walk-in blaster
  • Automated rotary blaster
  • Large degreaser




Our 48,000 sq. ft. facility in Malaysia drives CDQ through State of the Art Equipment and LEAN Strategy in layout and processes. We provide quick turnarounds and are located in Gelang Petah just 15 minutes from Singapore’s Tuas Area. Contact us today for more information.


UTEX Technologies Sdn Bhd
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