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UTEX Industries Finalizes Plans to Expand Operations to Singapore

September 18th, 2014  |  by admin

Houston, TX – UTEX Industries plans to consolidate Singapore operations to better serve their growing Asian customer base and expand market share across the region. UTEX currently operates a sales office in Singapore that is supported by engineering and manufacturing efforts in the United States. The new 48,000 sq ft facility will accommodate the majority of the manufacturing operations required to supply custom rubber molded solutions to the Asian oil and gas exploration marketplace. UTEX will add full engineering and technical resources to the region to become a true One-Stop-Shop experience.

In a statement related to the opening of the Asian Headquarters building, UTEX Business Development Manager for Asia Charlie Pitts said:

“We are extremely pleased to announce the opening of our Asian Headquarters. The new facility enables us to centrally locate manufacturing and engineering operations to the region as well as and offer better service to our customers across Asia while increasing efficiency.”

UTEX’s primary focus for the new Asian headquarters will be to drive growth by offering customers a unique turnkey sales and manufacturing experience related to their custom rubber molded needs. The global demand for molded rubber solutions in the oil & gas exploration sector has been in a consistent growth pattern for several years. UTEX’s ability to offer custom engineered rubber and urethane solutions to customers has spurred growth both domestically and internationally through this period and driven the company to expand further into the Asian market to better service their global customer base.

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