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Utex Industries, Inc. Acquires an Oil and Gas Equipment Distributor

Utex Industries, Inc. Acquires an Oil and Gas Equipment Distributor

April 04th, 2018  |  by Cydney Ash

Houston, Texas – Utex Industries Incorporated, a worldwide leader in sealing solutions for the Oil and Gas Industries, announced back in November 2017 its acquisition of Energy Products, Inc. (EPI). A Tulsa, Oklahoma, based company, Energy Products is a manufacturer and distributor to top tier well service customers with a background in fabrication, distribution, logistics, and warehousing solutions.

Utex’s VP of Global Business Development stated in November, “We are excited to strengthen Utex Industries further with the strategic acquisition of Energy Products Incorporated (EPI). Today, it is imperative that organizations are capable of not only meeting the needs of customers with the highest quality products, but to serve them where and when they need that service. Adding a super support team with in-depth industry knowledge and outstanding fabrication capabilities enhances the services we can provide. We are known for the longest lasting parts in high pressure pumping and pressure control, and we will continue that and expand our ability to thrill customers with innovation and impact.”

The acquisition of Energy Products Inc. (EPI):

• Broadens Utex’s product solutions capabilities, expanding it beyond sealing to all fluid end expendables;
• Amplifies Utex’s presence across North America with locations in West and South Texas, Oklahoma, and the North East with
approximately 150 newly acquired technical, sales and roustabout professionals;
• Furthermore, the acquisition generates more strategic client relationships with tier one pressure pumping customers.

EPI founders Scott and Wes Caswell have taking key leadership roles at Utex since the acquisition. “Utex is well known for its expertise in pressure pumping expendables including its world class packing. It is amazing to see all the touch points for the industry that Utex solves for and [EPI’s] heightened ability to deliver right to the customer, the same day if necessary, puts us in a great position to further serve the industry,” said Wes Caswell. “Joining the Utex team accelerates our collective opportunities for continued growth and success.”


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