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Utex is comprised of over 900 talented, curious minds and passionate professionals who live and breathe your business. We work hard to understand, design, and manufacture quality products that deliver solutions to your business.

What is our passion? Solving difficult problems. We embrace opportunities to craft custom sealing solutions and products that address our clients’ toughest challenges. We thrive on difficult situations in which we get to roll up our sleeves, explore possibilities, and uncover the solution to your needs. When there are questions, we find answers. If there are opportunities, we help companies seize them.

Meet The Leadership Team

Mike Balas
Mike Balas - President & CEO

Mike focuses on expanding company’s growth & developing the next Generation of UTEX leaders worldwide.  He joined UTEX in 2006 as CEO and serves on Board of Directors. Mike has held various leadership positions throughout his career including President of Danaher’s Setra Systems, Dolan Jenner and Sensors & Controls – Asian Companies. Mike has a Degree in Industrial Engineering from University of Lowell and an MBA from Boston University.

Pete Sanchez
Pete Sanchez - CFO

Pete leads the financial, HR, IT and administrative support functions that feed the needs of operations. Pete has over 17 years experience in senior management roles, including UTEX, Border Media Partners, Containment Solutions, Inc. and Baker Hughes INTEQ. Pete began his career in the audit practice of PriceWaterhouse Coopers and is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Accounting.

Mike Blake
Mike Blake - VP Global Business Development

Mike oversees our Well Service Products, Asia, Arefco, AmeriFrac and Steeltex divisions with over 25 years of polymeric, elastomer materials and seal expertise. Prior to joining UTEX in 2001, Mike held various senior sales management positions with a publicly traded company, including Division General Manager and Market Manager in the Oil & Gas Industry.  He served in the U.S. Air Force, helicopter rescue, and attended Texas Tech University and Louisiana-Lafayette.

Chuck Rankin
Chuck Rankin - VP Operations

Chuck directs improvements in process, equipment efficiency and lean manufacturing principles for UTEX. Prior to joining UTEX in 1999, Chuck held roles in Operations, Sales, Engineering and General Management at Garlock, JM Clipper, Michelin Tire Corporation and Johnson & Johnson.  Chuck has a degree in Industrial Management from La Salle College and an MBA from Illinois Benedictine University. He also served as an Engineering Officer in U.S. Navy.

Jack Stoner
Jack Stoner - Director of Business Development

Jack drives our Sales and Engineering departments, as well as manages the AccuSeal Division. He is heavily involved in all aspects of Utex business but particularly active with the design, manufacture and sales of customized polymeric products for the next generation of high performance oilfield equipment. He was promoted to Director of Business Development in May of 2016. Before joining Utex as part of the acquisition of AccuSeal Manufacturing in 1999, he held Senior Sales & Manager roles for Furon Company, Trinity Industries and Grant Corporation, as well as owned and operated a thermal insulation company.



Universal Packing and Gasket (UP&G) was founded on July 2, 1940. In the beginning, UP&G was a fabricator of gaskets and packing’s for the general industry and support of the war effort.


UP&G developed and obtained its first patent on a hinge type “Vee” packing. Since this initial patent, the Company has obtained over 35 patents on various sealing devices including reciprocating pump packing’s, molded rubber seals, molded mud pump piston rubbers, mechanical seals, pump gaskets, molding presses, and various sporting goods items.



The Company changed its name to Utex Industries, Inc. to reflect its broader capabilities.


Utex Industries added mechanical seals to its product line with two acquisitions and developed proprietary mechanical seal line. Today, we stand alone in the ability to offer a complete line of proprietary mechanical seals and a complete line of replacement competitive mechanical seals. In addition, Utex manufactures its own metal bellows and offers complete mechanical seal repair for Utex seals and competitive seals through its X-TendaSeal® Services program in the United States and in several international countries.



Utex acquired Applied Rubber Technology to expand its rubber molding capabilities. Today, Utex is the largest rubber molder in the Southern United States. Utex and Applied Rubber have the ability to compression mold, transfer mold and injection mold rubber, rubber coated fabric, rubber and metal bonding, and rubber and plastic parts up to 80” in diameter.


Utex purchased AccuSeal and moved the operation to Houston from its Denver location. AccuSeal manufactures high performance polymeric seals and component parts for general and extreme performance parameters.


Utex expands capabilities with acquisition of CAM Specialty Products a designer of high performance urethane products and solutions. This acquisition also gives Utex ability to design and machine highly engineered molds to fit almost any custom application.


Utex continues growth momentum with acquisition of Arefco Seals & Arefco Specialty Products a European based supplier of high performance sealing products and solutions that focuses on the Oil & Gas and various high end Industrial markets.