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Rubber is an elastomeric polymer with excellent rebound ability. Applications designed with rubber are able to stretch, compress, and rebound while insulating from thermal, electrical, and mechanical shocks. Download our checklist as a quick reference.

The physical properties of rubber are largely a result of its hyper elastic tendencies. Rubber will deform non linearly when stressed over a wide range and can return to its initial state when that stress is relieved. This allows rubber to be used in various sealing, cushioning, and dampening applications. Rubber can be extruded or molded into a variety of shapes. Rubber is an excellent candidate for Sealing and Shock Absorption. In addition, rubber is an in-compressible material. When a force is imposed on it, rubber will flow to fill space. This filling characteristic pushes rubber to the forefront of sealing materials.

Thermoset rubber is composed synthetic or natural rubber and a curative, typically peroxide or sulfur. These curatives provide advantages over one or another, higher material properties, ease of processing, chemical compatibility, etc. Additionally, rubber characteristics can be improved by adding “fillers” such as carbon blacks, clay’s and silicates. These are added in proprietary combinations to increase longevity, raise operating temp, and improve abrasion resistance.


Our ability to bond rubber to metal and proprietary process utilizing rubber & fabric reinforcement provide an industry leading solution.

We Utilized

On Site compounding

On Site compounding

Utex can compound a wide variety of rubbers on site including 600 active formulas. This capability allows faster response times to orders and another layer of confidentiality in the creation of new products. On site compounding means Utex can develop a rubber solution with the newest materials from formula to field testing.

We Created

Aflas O-rings

Aflas O-rings

O-rings are a simple sealing solution but the successful combination of size and material can be the difference between a thirty thousand dollar drilling tool assisting production or becoming a very expensive paper weight. The Utex team can make sure the former does not become the latter.

Gate valves

Gate valves

Utex can make rubber products in all sizes including large gate valves for municipal water systems up to five feet in diameter. And weighing hundreds of pounds.

We Accomplished

Case Study

High Durometer Injectable HNBR

Utex developed an injectable high durometer (95A) HNBR. Normally, injectable HNBR is fairly soft, approximately 70-75 Shore A. Through material choice and manipulating process, we were able to avoid premature cure during injection. This allows Utex to injection mold harder durometer products

We specialize in Custom Sealing Solutions

By utilizing Utex’s extensive capabilities, we can provide a complete solution to your challenge