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Urethane Molding Urethane

Urethane is a durable material with excellent rebound ability. Designing products out of urethane allows one to design for harsher dynamics with intricate geometries.

Polyurethane does an excellent job of combining the traits of rubber and plastic. It has fantastic dynamic properties like rubber. It can be strong, pliable, and has excellent rebound, allowing it to absorb shocks, seal, and insulate. It is very good in abrasion resistance and is comparable to plastic in cut and tear characteristics.

Urethane is a polymer material comprised of organic molecules connected by carbamate links. To make our urethane parts, we combine a durable prepolymer with a curative. This combination is mixed as a liquid and is poured into Utex made aluminum molds. The parts can be machined easily and have more urethane added to allow for even more complex designs.

Our state of the art urethane mixers, high flow computerized equipment and full service machine shop help us avoid defects and ensure on-time delivery.

We Utilized

Sponge Urethane

Sponge Urethane

Utex is developing sponge urethane for pigging and offshore flotation. Sponge polyurethane can change in density and allows for greater flexibility in the design of custom solution. The new mixing machine can inject foam material at a rate up to 80 kg/min, ensuring molds are filled before any premature curing takes place.

We Created

Deep water Riser Clamps

Deep water Riser Clamps

Polyurethane is used in the riser clamp that requires high strength, abrasion and corrosion resistance

Split packer

The low tan delta (dynamic properties) of urethane enhances split packers’ lifespan in very high wear applications

We Accomplished

Case Study

Minimal Lubrication Seal

Company X had a drilling fluids seal application that required constant lubrication due to rubber-metal contact. Utex suggested a urethane solution because it would require less lubrication and therefore last longer than its rubber counterpart. Furthermore, using urethane increased the longevity through improved abrasion, compression, cut/tear properties.

We specialize in Custom Sealing Solutions

By utilizing Utex’s extensive capabilities, we can provide a complete solution to your challenge